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Taiga Acceptable Use Policy

The services on this and other Taiga servers have been provided to you for specific purposes. By using these services, you agree to abide by this policy. If you do not so agree, then please contact hostmaster at taiga.ca to have your account and services terminated.

Generally, the policy here comes down to "don't use too much bandwidth, and otherwise behave yourself".

Here are some specifics:

  1. No account sharing. That means that you're the only person who should know your password. Some role accounts for businesses or organizations are excempt from this rule, but personal accounts are not. If you're not sure about a particular account, then ask.
  2. If your password is compromised (that is, someone else learns of it), or you suspect it is compromised, contact hostmaster at taiga.ca (or Mark, Jim, or Devin by phone) immediately to have it reset. Accidents happen, but failure to inform us is not acceptable.
  3. Attempt to limit your impact on our available bandwidth. This includes not putting up content on your web pages that will produce a large number of downloads over an extended period of time. (Or even a small number of large downloads, like ISO images.) Try not to get yourself "slashdotted".
  4. Do not upload or propagate content that is in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada. Two types of material that come under this classification, for example, are hate literature and some types of pornography.
  5. Attempted cracking or other abuses of this machine, machines on the hosting network, or other machines via this machine will not be tolerated.
  6. Originating a security review, audit, or crack (ethical or otherwise) from this network is forbidden unless explicitly authorized.

You get what you pay for. If your web page / email goes down, please contact us so we can set it right. However, don't expect us to drop everything and run to fix it. It might not even be something that we can fix directly.


Last Updated: 05 Feb 2010

Acceptable Use Policy