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Configuring Your Webmail Interface

This site uses Horde for its webmail capability. While Horde is largely self-documenting, and has reasonable defaults for most things, it is recommended that you make at least a few configuration changes before you use your new account:

  1. If you have not already done so, log into the Webmail interface.
  2. On the left of the page you will see an Options menu item. Click on the plus to expand it if necessary.
  3. Configure global options:
    1. Click on Global Options item under Options
    2. Click on Personal Information
    3. Select Default Identity as the identity that you want to change.
    4. Fill in the field shown as Your full name
    5. Fill in the field shown as Your From: address. This should be of the form USERNAME@EXAMPLE.COM, modified as appropriate.
    6. Click on Save Options
    7. Change any other global options that you wish to change, although you may first want to familiarize yourself with the webmail interface.
  4. Configure your address book:
    1. Click on Address Book item under Options
    2. Click on Address Books under Display Options
    3. Under Choose which address books to display, click on USERNAME's Address Book in the left column (replacing USERNAME as appropriate) and then click on the right-pointing hand. This should move that address book to the right column.
    4. Click on Save Options
    5. Change any other address book options that you wish to change.
  5. Configure your mail reader:
    1. Click on the Mail item under Options
    2. Click on Address Books under the (third) Other Options column.
    3. There is a select box containing Name and Email. Select the fields that you want to use when expanding addresses.
    4. Under Choose the address book to use when adding addresses select My Address Book.
    5. Click on Save Options
    6. Change any other mail options that you wish to change.
  6. Configure your mail filters.


Last Updated: 04 Feb 2010

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