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This site uses a self-signed certificate for SSL encryption. Your browser may give a warning about it as untrusted, but it is recommended that you permanently accept the certificate. The GNO Consortium list server provides instructions for doing this in various browsers.

If, after following the above directions, you still experience problems (including an expired or mismatched certificate), please contact webmaster at taiga.ca.


System News
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21 Apr 2011

There have been long standing network connectivity problems, particularily noticable when sending and receiving email with large attachments and for those using POP3S clients (as opposed to IMAPS clients or the webmail system). This continued on far longer than we liked, particularly due to its transient nature and the difficulty in diagnosing the underlying problem.

We believe that we now have this problem solved. If you continue to see ongoing network problems, please ensure that you let us know with as much detail as you can provide.

  For old system news, see the archive.


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